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Florida Family and Eviction Lawyer

Florida Family and Eviction Lawyer

Divorce and Family Law

Tampa Divorce Attorney and Christophe Fiori assists men and women through the civil law process of a divorce or paternity case as smoothly as possible with compassionate, yet aggressive legal representation.

Divorcing families face many legal issues during divorce proceedings including: parental responsibility and time-sharing, division of marital assets and liabilities, child support, and alimony.  Don't face these issues alone

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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Property owners depend on payment of rent by tenants for operational costs and payments on debts and liabilities.  When tenants fail to pay rent, especially those that are repeatedly late in such payments, it severely disrupts the landlord's business putting such business at risk.

Florida eviction lawyer Christophe Fiori represents landlords in residential and commercial eviction actions to get possession of property or for damages from non-compliant or non-paying tenant.​ 

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Mediation Services

85% of all mediations result in a settlement, according to the American Arbitration Association.  Even in cases where the parties feel they have exhausted all attempts at settlement.  

This is possible because a mediator is specially trained and experienced in negotiating towards resolving disputes rather than posturing and because often times mediation is the first time both parties (and their attorneys) are present in the same room and across the table from each other. 

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