Divorce Parenting and Stabilization Course

Who Needs to Attend a Parenting Course?

If your case includes minor children you must complete a 4-hour parenting course before the court will enter a final judgment and parenting plan.  This includes divorce and paternity cases, meaning that this requirement applies to married and unmarried parents.

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Before registering for a parenting course, make sure that parenting course is approved by the court in your county. Some counties require in person attendance at a parenting course, and may not recognize 'on-line' attendance. Otherwise, its up to you whether you take an on-line or in-person course.

What is a Florida Approved Parenting Course

Parenting courses must be at least 4 hours in duration, designed pursuant to Florida family law to provide information to parents as that information relates to court actions between parents involving parental responsibility, care, time-sharing, and support of a child or children.

Each parenting course will include a required 25 question multiple choice test designed to demonstrate the level of comprehension of the learning objectives by the participant. You will be required to pass the test to receive a certificate of completion.

Parenting course providers may charge a reasonable fee for the class, generally around $40.00.  After completing the parenting course you will receive a certificate of completion, which should be filed with the court to inform the judge that you have complied with the requirement to take a parenting course.

Some Court Approved Parenting Course Providers

Live Class

4 Hour in person divorce parenting class $40.00.

4 Hour in-person Parenting and Divorce Class.

$40.00 Pre Paid.  ($45.00 at the door)

Live Class

Live divorce parenting class is required in Florida family courts.

4 Hour in-person Parenting and Divorce Class.


Live Class

Find a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Local Course Provider List.

Find a Education and Stabilization Local Course.

FlaParent.com (Online only)

Online parenting class (some counties require in-person attendance).


PuttingKidsFirst.org (online only)

Online parenting course(some counties require in-person attendance).


 Online parenting class (some counties require in-person attendance).