How Much Will Mediation Cost?

Mediation Rates and Payment Information

If you are considering mediation to resolve your legal issue, congratulate yourself for taking a positive step towards making it possible to resolve your case amicably and without further legal fees.  If you are participating in court ordered mediation, consider that during mediation you have more control over the outcome of your legal case than you do in court. 

Hourly Rate: $175.00
Half-Day: (4 hours): $600.00
Full-Day: (8 hours): $1200.00
*Sliding Scale Fee Available based on participants financial affidavit.

Minimum: 2 hours mediation session
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours with no fee assessed.
Travel Time: no fee assessed. (Limited Area)

The cost of mediation is generally divided equally between the parties and is payable at the conclusion of the mediation session, unless otherwise directed by a court order.

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How Long Does Mediation Last?

Mediation generally begins at 9:00 am or 1:30 pm and continues until the parties reach an agreement or an impasse, although other times can be arranged if necessary.  

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