Prepare for Mediation Session

A Successful Mediation is more likely if you prepare before you attend a mediation session.

Preparing for mediation can mean many different things depending on the parties participating in the mediation and also depending on the issues to be address, and hopefully resolved.  Prepare by reading and researching the laws effecting your legal issues, and if necessary, by speaking with an experienced attorney to better understand how you case may be affected.  Preparing also means, preparing yourself mentally and physically to attend mediation.  Getting rest, gathering your thoughts, and thinking about different alternatives, options, and approaches to certain 'hot-spot' issues unique to your case.

A mediator will not give you legal advice or make decisions in your case.  You and the other party will have to make difficult decisions in a short amount of time in order to resolve the legal issues that exist between you and the other party. Preparing before attending a mediation session increases your chances of addressing issues key to you and increases your chances at a successful mediation.

1. Understand What Mediation Is, and Is Not

Mediation is confidential.  This is by design, so that you can feel free to discuss any issue and make and consider any offer.

In most cases, mediation can be an informal setting as compared to a hearing in court.