Preparing to Evict a Tenant?

An eviction case is a lawsuit in which a landlord requests the court to order removal of a tenant or tenants from the property, and returning possession of the property to the landlord.  Landlords may also be able to sue the tenant to recover unpaid rent or damage to the rental unit. 

If you are involved in a dispute with your landlord or tenant, speak with a qualified lawyer to discuss your specific case.  Eviction lawyer Christophe Fiori offers a free telephone consultation.  The information below is not intended as legal advice, but general information relevant to the eviction process under Florida law.

Review the list below before preparing and serving a Notice to Tenant (Not all items may apply)

  1. Review all lease provisions
  2. Determine violations of the rental agreement
  3. Determine the amount of unpaid rent
  4. Determine the number of days that the tenant has stayed in the rental unit beyond the end of the lease.
  5. Keep receipts regarding clean-up costs of the rental unit
  6. Determine the amount of damage to the rental unit
  7. Take photographs of the damage
  8. Obtain estimates concerning the repair of the damage
  9. Keep receipts regarding the repair of the unit
  10. Obtain a list of witnesses who have knowledge of the incident
  11. Obtain written statements or recorded statements from potential witnesses
  12. Obtain a copy of the police report