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3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate

3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate

If a tenant does not pay rent when due, then the landlord can serve on the property a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate the property.

​​​The reason some landlords file an eviction case in court is because the tenant has failed to pay rent according to rental agreement, then you must first deliver to the tenant a ​3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate.


15 Day Termination of Month-to-Month Tenancy

 If you are the landlord, you may terminate a month-to-month tenancy by providing the tenant with a 15 Day Notice of Termination of Month-to-Month rental agreement.  A 15 Day Notice to Terminate is appropriate if there is a written Month-to-Month rental agreement, or there is an oral rental agreement to pay rent.​​ 

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Notice of Intent to Impose claim on Security Deposit

Notice of Intent to Impose Claim on Security Deposit

If the landlord intends to make a claim against the tenant's deposit, then the landlord has 30 days, from the date the tenant vacated the property, to give the tenant written notice by certified mail of the intent to impose a claim and the reasons for imposing a claim.


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7 Day Notice With Opportunity to Cure

7 Day Notice Without Opportunity to Cure